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  • Doctor Moskovich treats patients with spinal problems.
  • He and his associates at the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases form a multidisciplinary team to manage adult and pediatric spinal disorders.
    He practices evidence-based medicine and recommends non-surgical or operative treatments appropriately.
  • Doctor Moskovich is the Associate Chief of Spinal Surgery at NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases.
    He supervises the Spinal Dysplasia Service and treats infant, childhood and adult spinal deformities including scoliosis and spondylolisthesis.
  • Doctor Moskovich trained in both orthopaedic and neurosurgical disciplines.
    Results of his original spinal research have been published in peer review journals, and has authored many textbook chapters.
    He has developed innovative surgical techniques which have gained wide acceptance, and have resulted in significant patient benefit.
  • Surgical techniques include microsurgery and minimally invasive spinal fusions to minimize the surgical exposure and promote easier and quicker recuperation.
    Complex problems requiring transoral surgery or anterior thoracic and lumbar exposures are routinely performed.
  • Telephone: (646) 453-7123
  • Please include your cellphone and home numbers if leaving a voicemail.
  • FAX: (646) 453-7123

  • Address: 303 2nd Avenue, Suite 19, New York, NY 10003 
  • E-mail to rmoskovich(Replace with @ sign)
    Please do not rely on e-mail for medical emergency contact.
  • Thank You.